For the beginning I want to thank you very much for the invitation to come back to Sweden. You have no idea how excited I am to be part of you and the work you do for the Glory of God for the Expansion of The kingdom of God.

The greatest desire I have is to be one in Christ, to love one another as Christ loved us, to understand each one of us as what we do not do for people but for God, I wish very much that I first to fully fulfil what God called me to do, I wish that each of us would encourage each other.

And in the end I wish you: May God  release a fresh favour over your life today and everyday. May He open doors of opportunity and connect you with people  who see what He see in you.

May you respond to the gentle whisper of His Spirit and go where He sends you. May you allow Him to refine your character and redefine what success is supposed to look like for you. May you find peace in your rest, and may you  be fruitful in everything you put your hand to. You are a divinely  anointed, appointed, heir of Almighty God. May you walk in faith every step of the way.

Have are blessed week.



Den 11 december kl 13.00. ordnar Omsorgsgruppen Julgrötslunch och lite julstämning i kyrkan.

Anmälan till:

Hanne 0704-065464

eller Fredrik 070-570 0967.


1 Korintierbrevet 13:1-13